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Model for Blossom Living


Model for Blossom Living

I have been struggling with balanced living for years. My new year's resolutions always revolve around excercising more, keep closer walk with God, spending quality time with family, burning less midnight oil, etc. Honestly, it's been years of unbalanced living for me.

When depression hit me hard in 2015, I had to take a honest look at various aspects of my life and learn to strive for a balanced living. There are good days and there are bad days, and I've had my share of both. But I'm learning to take into consideration what is really going on in my life. Each day, I'm learning to recognize the relationships between various aspects of my life and pursue balance in ...

Faith Life / We are body-and-spirit beings created and loved by God. Our faith life can and do have a positive impact on our mental and physical well-being.

Health / Build a partnership with our health care providers allow us to better manage our health.

Fitness / No matter what our physical activity level is now, we can discover ways to enjoy movement.

Work / We were made to work, and the value of work is intrinsic. We can appreciate the skills, talents and gifts we bring to our work and find meaning for our life.

Emotions / It’s easy to turn to unhealthy habits in response to stress. Through understanding our feelings, it’s possible to make changes to manage stress in healthier ways.

Nutrition / What we eat matters. Whatever our eating habits are now, we can increase our understanding of how food affects our overall well-being and make food choices with more intention.

Friends & Family / Coping with life is sometimes hard, but friends and family make it easier. Giving and receiving support through relationships contributes to our health.

Community / The problems in the world can be overwhelming. When we invest in providing better nutrition, clean water, education and hope for at-risk children, we have a significant and very real impact on an entire community.


The Model of Blossom Living helps me evaluate the realities of my everyday life and reminds me of areas I tend to neglect. Based on past trainings, mentoring, experiences, mistakes, and heartaches, it has beome my personal goals for a balanced living.

Blossom is defined as a period of maximum development in a healthy way.

It is my prayer that my family, those around me, and myself would blossom in our own ways.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to share with you my progress through this blog - Blossom Living. I hope you'd be inspired by my reflective journals as you strive for balance ... one day at a time.


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