Caste a Stone to Make Ripples

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caste a stone to make ripples

We have witnessed firsthand the dark realities of poverty while working in the slums of North India for more than seven years.

We'd seen children not given an opportunity for education, forced to work for their family, exploited in the tannery industry. Despite universal recognition of the right to education for everyone, girls are still more likely than boys never to attend school. Moreover, girls are often subjected to sexual harassment, assault, abduction, psychological attacks and bullying predominantly by male students, teachers, family members, and community leaders.

Children in extreme poverty are the most vulnerable victims, living in inadequate housing, without easy access to clean water, sanitation, healthcare, food and education.

We are privileged for the opportunity to sponsor at-risk children in extreme poverty through 15% of our proceeds by partnering with the following non-profit organizations:

Jeevan se Jeevan Foundation has been impacting at-risk children and youth from slums in Kanpur, India through education and work-related skill training, enabling them to maximize their potential, empowering them for a purposeful living.

Tijuana Christian Mission has been serving at-risk children of Mexico who are from broken homes or from no home at all. It provides a loving family environment for children who have seen and experienced abuse, neglect and extreme poverty.

The problems in the world can be overwhelming. When we invest in providing better nutrition, clean water, education and hope for at-risk children, we have a significant and very real impact on an entire community.

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