5 Lil Snowmen Children's Illustrated Book

The Melody Circle, best known for its catchy tune of 5 Lil Snowmen, has partnered with Morning Blossom Studio to release a children's illustrated book, 5 Lil Snowmen.

In this delightful wintertime tale, five little snowmen play in their winter wonderland. But what happens when a snowstorm comes their way? Children will love this fun and engaging story as much as those reading it to them. Also, the catchy tune sung by the author will have readers singing this delightful tune all season!

About the Author

Ludim M. Sanchez (“Ms. Lu”) has been a Special Education Paraeducator for 24 years in Orange County, California, experienced in working with preschool children with various disabilities, including children on the Autism Spectrum Disorder, as well as children with speech and language disabilities. Ms. Lu earned her B.S. in Child Development and Adolescent Studies from California State University, Fullerton. She is a registered Music Together Instructor, and with her ukulele, sings and leads a weekly Music and Story circle time in the school library where she is employed. She enjoys spending time with her family, eating good food and watching Netflix with her kids. She also cherishes her quiet time, crocheting and learning new macrame knots from YouTube as well as exploring and discovering new music. She loves to hear what others are doing to bring music and art to children. She would love to hear your stories and innovative ideas about how you share your creativity with those you love:

About the Illustrator

Darlene Chen is a promising teenage watercolor artist. She is best known for her watercolor art prints at Morning Blossom Studio. She is currently a Visual Arts student at the Orange County School of Arts. Her works are inspired by childhood, animals, people, nature and numerous countries she has visited with her family. She believes that people should cherish every moment with those they love at every stage of their journey.

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